.Welcome to My Place!

Hello,  My web name as you might guess is MntSnow / MtnSnow (pronounced Mountain Snow). I originally ended up having to spell it slightly different from the way you might normally abbreviate it (example Mtn) as it was already taken way back when I got into hosting my own website(s) and buying my domain name(s).

I will update this more in the future.

Update 8-13-2013! Was able to finally obtain the MTNsnow.com domain name as the prior owner failed to renew it! This site is now reachable by either domain name but will ultimately still resolve back to mntsnow.com at this time.

Update 10-5-2014 – The day finally came for my beloved XPC aka XtremePcCentral.com website to be retired from being an active tech support website thus the XPC domain name is pointed to my personal site. I have the XtremePcCentral.com domain name up for sale so if you are interested feel free to contact me and we can see if XPC can become a phoenix and rise again in the future!

This site will mainly contain postings of random thought, political views that I am vocal about, fun pictures of things that I enjoy doing and such.

Welcome and enjoy!

Before You Carry Concealed, Here is 5 Questions

Choosing to legally carry a handgun for personal protection is a big responsibility that must be taken seriously. Above and beyond which caliber is the best or what action type to choose, there are a variety of important considerations which need to be taken into account. Here are a few of the many questions someone …

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Missouri Supreme Court Backs Gun Owners over Bloomberg in Court Ruling

Yesterday, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled in favor of Missourians, who decisively passed the Right to Keep and Bear Arms constitutional amendment in August 2014. Constitutional Amendment 5, sponsored by state Senator Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbus), now requires any law that attempts to restrict Missourian’s Second Amendment Rights to face a high legal hurdle called “Strict …

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